Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stop The War

Stop the War Coalition has just issued a further statement on the No Fly Zone. The US, France, UK and other Governments turn a blind eye to humanitarianism and democracy in the Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, occupied Palestine and elsewhere but pinpoint Libya and now also Syria. Why? Do they really care about the people of Libya? No, this is about oil, power and putting a break on revolution in the region.

Whilst opposing the Gaddafi regime, we are equally opposed to the reactionary despots in the region who are busy killing their own people and denying the same human rights they claim they are now fighting for by military intervention.

And what will follow this intervention? Will the same allies be just as slow in asserting democratic rights in a "new Libya" under their control. Haven't we seen enough in Iraq, Afghanistan. Gaza and recent events in the Yemen and Bahrain?

The No Fly Zone is not about protecting people but about oil, profits and control. Cameron has his war at a time when he is least popular at home and is busy implementing the most savage attacks on the living standards of working people. On the verge of the biggest demo London is likely to see against the Con Dem cuts he is playing the war card. A trick out of Thatcher's book with the Falklands. No doubt he and his press aides will try to also suggest the TUC demo on the 26th March is not in the interest of the people of Benghazi as it is unpatriotic.  The best way to help the struggles in the Middle East is to oppose our own warmongers at home.

Stop The War Coalition statement

Britain and the USA have bombed Libya with more than one hundred Tomahawk
cruise missiles. These are not precision guided weapons but weapons of mass
destruction that will create many civilian casualties in Libya.

The United Nations resolution authorising a no-fly zone begins as it will
continue, with a full-scale military attack on the country.

Stop the War condemns this barbarous attack which will result, not in
protecting the people of Libya, but in enslaving them under the domination of
the West. We know only too well the death and destruction that imperialism has
brought to the peoples of the region.

We call on all those who oppose these attacks to demonstrate at Downing Street
at 3pm on Sunday 20 March.

We are asking all local Stop the War groups around the country to call protests
in their area. If you would like to be involved in local protests where you
live, contact your nearest Stop the War group: SEE

A leaflet putting the case for non-intervention and a petition, initiated by
Tony Benn, John Pilger and others, are both available to download for printing,



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