Sunday, March 27, 2011

March for the alternative

Over 300,000 marched.They came from every where.From hospitals, schools, colleges, ambulance and fire station crews, care workers, industrial workers. Young and old all saying the same thing, " No cuts, defend public services, out with the Con Dems and more importantly start the fight back against austerity measures".

Young and old, workers, students, youth, carers, parents, famillies all refusing to take the blame for the crises caused by the bankers, the City and their mates in Government. People before profits, public services not privatisation, tax the rich, welfare not warfare. These and many other demands were echoed across London yesterday.

Ofcourse when youth unemployment is high, education cuts increased, EMA abolished, student fees raised and politicians do not listen, then others feel frustrated by those in power. Eventually this frustration is bound to erupt. When Vodafone, Greene and others pay their taxes fully then others may listen.

Cuts are not inevitable. The case is unproven and the crises was not caused by workers and their famillies.  Now there is a need for greater unity to fightback and resist these attacks on our living standards. Poverty, unemployment and a lack of hope leads to desperation and frustration. There is an alternative to this international crises of capitalism. March 2th was a great start at local, regional and national level. 

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